This Heat Surge Heater is wonderful. It cut my gas cost in half. The gas company called to ask what was going on that I was using so much fewer gas. This heater is the best thing that has happened to me.

Dorothy - WI

These are very good heaters, I just love them. They will save you bunches of money are very economic.

George - VA

The propane company came to see why I am not using any propane; so I showed them my Heat Surge. They don't like it! But I love it; I have 2 and my furnace never kicks on.

James - NY

I want to thank everyone at Heat Surge for the superior product. They heat so well I eventually have to turn one off. THey have saved me so much money on my heating bills.

Walter - NJ

I love my fireplace. It is a huge money saver and can't say enough how much I love it!

Julie - NY